A creative accelerator program for
New Yorkers @ Wieden + Kennedy, NY

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The Kennedys is a creative accelerator program for the most curious, innovative, and hungriest minds in New York City.

No advertising experience is required. Life experience is great, but we prefer if you don’t have advertising experience.

For eight months, the Kennedys will work together in the WKNY office to build upon your creative talents, learning new things, and developing team skills.

This program is all about further developing your talents for creativity and always nurturing the thing that makes you most valuable: your voice.

The Kennedys is a full-time program that is paid + benefits.

become a

This is the second year of the New York Kennedys, and we’re lucky to be drawing from New York City and it’s tri-state area.

If you live in the New York area, are 21+, and are equal parts curious, innovative, and hungy, we want to meet you.

Applications are open now, and close 1.15.23. So apply now.

Don’t tell us what you think we want to hear,
tell us who YOU are. Show us how you think.

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These are just some of the questions we think you might have, but email us if you have more.
Is the Kennedys a full-time job?
Yep! We’ll be working standard hours for the 8 month duration of the program– think 40-something hours a week. You’re paid a salary with overtime. Plus health benefits, get that sweet medical checkup- foghorn!
Is this a paid gig?
It is! You will be paid New York living wages and healthcare for 8 months.
What is an advertising agency?
Good question. For us, it means we’re the creative agency that helps brands like Ford, McDonald’s, and Nike make the campaigns and commercials you see out in the world. Seriously. It takes a village of people. For example, a copywriter named Drew Ruiz was one of the creatives who brought the Cactus Plant Flea Market box, aka “Adult Happy Meal,” to life. The creative team came up with the idea, pitched it to clients as well as the partners, worked with a director to make the commercials, and oversaw all things creatively for the campaign. Drew comes from a non-traditional advertising background and has been able to make an impact across the company with his creativity.
Do I have to live in New York City to be a Kennedy?
For the inaugural class of Kennedys, we’re going local. So as long as you can make it to 150 Varick Street in Soho Monday-ish to Friday-esque, we’d love for you to apply.
What sort of things will the Kennedys work on?
All kinds of stuff. At the end of this program, you should have a portfolio of your own work. It will be part creative projects and client work.
Am I being catfished?
Not here at least! Lu in finance said we can do this. You can even bring your mom in sometime to show her this isn’t some made up place. She may enjoy the fancy sparkling cucumber water we have. We want new fresh thinking in this agency - so shoot your shot!
I really don’t need any advertising experience?
Yes! And we prefer that. This is for creative minded people to learn the skills. We can show you how to do some things - what we need you to bring is your point of view on the world. We love ad school grads, but this program is for anyone who’s outside the world of advertising and marketing.
But am I good enough?
Oh my. So many questions. (That’s good. We like people who push for the truth.) But look, it’s called Imposter Syndrome. It’s real and it’s terrible and we all have it and we just hold our breath and try. This is your turn. Apply. We believe in you.
Why is it called the Kennedys?
David Kennedy was the co-founder of the agency with Dan Wieden. As he described himself - “3rd generation oil field trash” and we want to make space in the creative world for people to have this opportunity. We need new voices.
David Kennedy, co-founder of Wieden+Kennedy and the namesake of the Kennedys.
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